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Aussie Digital’s homegrown exchange will change crypto trading forever

Let’s start with Aussie Digital—and, afterwards, we’ll head to its trading exchange. In simple words, Aussie Digital is an ecosystem that’ll change e-commerce forever. It’ll transform the way retailers do business and shoppers buy stuff online.

Online Shopping
Challenges for Online Shopping We're Solving

Buyers face a long list of challenges when shopping online. Most of the challenges arise while buying from small-scale manufacturers and entrepreneurs. 

E-commerce challenges
Aussie Digital - Issues Entrepreneurs face with E-commerce Trade

With making billions and its C.E.O. Jeff Bezos becoming the world’s richest man, an increasing number of people are looking at E-commerce as a lucrative investment opportunity. Others are simply businessmen and women who want to move their offline businesses to the online world. With the E-commerce industry growing rapidly and more individuals entering the business, becoming successful online remains a challenging task.

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Our E-commerce platform is targeting entrepreneurs with the potential to grow.

Our E-commerce platform is targeting entrepreneurs with the potential to grow. Especially those who are ready with at least 5 products and have already made some sales and have between one and ten employees. Normally, such entrepreneurs handle customer care and promotion themselves. These descriptions fit entrepreneurs who are the best match for our platform. However, even medium-sized businesses can successfully

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Find out how Aussie Digital is changing e-commerce world for the better

At Aussie Digital, we’re revamping the entire e-commerce sector. A lot of Businesses will benefit from this new breed of E-commerce. The major consumers of this ecosystem include retailers, customers, importers, and manufacturers. It’s a platform for small shop owners and mid-sized stores. It’s a way for all these stores and mom-and-pop shops to make it big. It’s a way for all these businesses to be online and compete with the big players

AUDcoin - Our Difference
The Aussie Digital Difference

Until AUDcoin, most entrepreneurs had to go through multiple hurdles to setup and scale up their online businesses. Our hub/ platform provides plenty of support to the users, thus preparing them for this next level of business.

Our platforms accept crypto currency
Aussie Digital - Why Crypto Currency?

More and more individuals, companies, and organizations around the world are becoming increasingly interested in investing in or using cryptocurrency.

aussie digital incubation hub
Our Solution

Our management team came to one conclusion – that most businesses lacked the necessary support to survive the highly competitive E-commerce world. The lack of expertise was evident in poor branding, marketing, and customer support. Simply put, the businesses that failed could not compete with their more experienced counterparts. The Aussie Digital management team decided to build an incubation hub/ E-commerce platform that can help these online entrepreneurs gain experience so as to compete more fav

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Aussie Digital - Background Story

Aussie Digital has been working on a platform for the past 5 years for Small & Family Business to remain or for the first time to become competitive by dismantling and innovating the supply chain between production and shop front. The advent of cryptocurrency has realised the potential of this process.

The Investment

In the current climate of investment, people are always looking for the next niche with the expectation of exponential growth - cryptocurrency is that space where this is happening right now. We are in the midst of Crypto Mania, not unlike the Dot Com bubble of the early 90s. Investors are offered the promises of the next Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and ICO’s with the promise of similar returns. But, what is this based on, what underpins or what value is the ICO tethered to? Blockchain on its own is not