Aussie Digital Foundation Story

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Aussie Digital was first conceived as an idea to start an E-commerce Ecosystem. Based on an A-grade digital coin, the trading platform will provide multiple business services powered by blockchain technology for individuals and small businesses in Australia. Although the new company started this year, its predecessor Importo- a Startup in 2013, was designed to help thousands of small business owners to import.

Importo primarily concerned itself with guaranteeing the quality of any product, material or component imported through an online intermediary platform. More radically, it would provide the framework for ordinary people to form themselves into Buyer Groups for the purpose of sharing a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to get the best price. Anyone can now have access to actual factory source prices that wholesalers and corporate giants pay for their stock.

The vision of Aussie Digital still remains the same: to offer even more efficiency to E-commerce by tapping into Blockchain technology and the freelance sharing economy.
Todd has been in the digital business space since 2003 and teamed up with Fiona in 2007 to build a web development company and have been helping individuals, businesses and organizations to embrace the digital world.

As a team with Todd's father they imported telecommunications products into Australia and introduced the first licensed 'A-Tick' regulatory compliance dual sim mobile phone to a not so ready market. Todd's father was an experienced importer and Alibaba moderator for many years and even this didn't stop the downfalls of importing so they began working on a plan to change the world of importing after a particular bad deal.

Unfortunately he passed away before the project came to fruition. The inspiration was passed on and they began to pivot creating their new project with a small group of seed investors and the Importo startup was launched. The issues with importing was MOQ, quality and sustainability. They also thought it was necessary to audit the human factors offering not only the transparency of products, but also the social and environmental elements of manufacturers to ensure imported products followed best international practices.

This was a mammoth task and in doing so they decided to partner up in early 2018 to leverage on the skills and experience of Peter as they saw the blockchain technology being instrumental to monitor and measure all of these factors. This allowed them to take the concept to the next level and grow even bigger with a sense of pride in what they could deliver.

As a whole they secured a prestigious position in the Southern Cross University Enterprise Lab which has been the springboard for Proof of Concept and connection with the broader business community both locally and globally.

With over ten years experience with importation and online retail Peter has had his ups and downs.. In the last decade he has imported and sold a variety of products including phones, clothes, books, entertainment gadgets and other electronics through various platforms. With the markups you can achieve from importing goods you would think that the retailer would make a killing. “They Should”. However, every time fees would eat up all his profits.

From his revenues, Peter would have to pay banking fees, advertising fees, accounting fees and commissions to various retail platforms. When everybody took their cut, he was most of the times left wondering why he bothered at all. The profits were going to greedy E-commerce and payment providers. “If you have been involved in Ecommerce this will be a familiar feeling” At one point, things got so bad that he opted to leave the importation/ Ecommerce business. However, before leaving, Peter was investigating a technology that would revolutionize how people do business by cutting down costs significantly through secure, Direct payments. That technology was the Blockchain. This was in 2014.

He undertook to integrate the technology into his Ecommerce business through his own platform which would enable trade and exchange. He did this for two reasons. The first was to enable better platform fees using Cryptocurrency and the second was to cut down the exorbitant fees charged by banks and most payment processors. However, he soon found that this would not be possible without a fair and stable “ Trusted” coin backed by a like minded Community. This was the beginnings of Aussie Digital and AUDcoin.

ENGINEERING A BETTER FUTURE FOR E-COMMERCE Together, the two entrepreneurs combined their skills, expertise and years of experience to come up with Aussie Digital – a futuristic e-commerce platform that will integrate the Blockchain technology and the freelance economy.

The new platform will focus on matching the best suppliers to clients all over the world. Clients (importers) will also be enabled to buy more through crowd ventures. Moreover, our private blockchain tech will track orders, ensure accountability and reduce fees for both suppliers and importers when combined with an Escrow account.

Freelancers on the platform will also make sure that suppliers don’t have to look elsewhere for tasks such as writing description, quality assurance, marketing etc. helping them to keep their costs down.

Through our establishment as a premier global blockchain powered e-commerce brand, we hope to create a brighter future for importers and traders all around the globe!