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Unlocking Rewards: Aussie Digital’s Innovative Vesting Distribution Program

In the dynamic realm of financial technology, Aussie Digital stands out as a blockchain-based platform revolutionizing e-commerce. Offering a suite of services encompassing payment processing, logistics, and marketing, Aussie Digital takes a step further with its distinctive vesting distribution program.

Olajide Olanlokun: Creating digital, economic empowerment for SMEs in Nigeria

Click the link to read more about how Olajide Olanlokun our Business Manager and one of Nigeria Representatives explained the importance of creating digital economy for SMEs in Nigeria on the platform of a renowned business newspaper in Nigeria.

Daily Staking Rewards
Aussie Digital Daily Staking Rewards

Aussie Digital is a platform that aims to provide innovative solutions for e-commerce, trading, and social media. One of the features of Aussie Digital is the staking program, which allows users to stake their AUD tokens and earn daily rewards based on their participation and loyalty.

Aussie Digital Meetup
Aussie Digital team attended Crypto Conference initiated by Technext Conference

Our teams led by Olanlokun Olajide (Manager Brand Strategist) attended the Crypto Conference initiated by Technext Conference. Prince Clem Agba the Nigeria Minister Of State for Budget and National Planning was the keynote speaker and he was there virtually where he discussed the role of government pertaining to digital currencies and the tech industry as a whole, together with other speakers like Uzoma Dozie who is the CEO of Sparkle, also Ruth Iselema the CEO and founder of Bitmama, Emmanuel Babalol

Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain in E-commerce

The blockchain technology is revolutionizing how the world does business. It is specifically changing how e-commerce organizations do business. This is why it is not surprising that many e-commerce businesses such as Unilever and Walmart are either integrating the technology or are planning to integrate the technology in the near future. However, as of now, not many people understand the technology and how it can be implemented in e-commerce businesses. Here, I detail everything you need to know abo

Innovating to Change E-commerce is Innovating to Change E-commerce

In most capitalist economies, most businesses are operating in open but fairly competitive environments. However, this is not the case with the e-commerce environment. The e-commerce environment is neither open nor very competitive. This is because the market has very dominant players and there are conditions that are making it difficult for new or small players to compete fairly.   The dominant players here include the likes of and eBay. And while the lack of openness in the market an

The Increasing Popularity of Crypto for the Payment of Goods and Services

Over the last couple of years, payment businesses have evolved significantly. Multiple new ways of payment involving blockchain technology, AI, FinTech, and so on have changed the way the world does commerce and e-commerce.

How Online/ E-commerce Shops Are Using Blockchain to Improve Customer Experience

Loyal customers are the cornerstones of successful businesses. They usually bring in significant revenue and profits for businesses. And they are especially important right now with the cost of customer acquisition going up and businesses facing even stiffer competition from other businesses. Through rewarding loyal customers, they can have even more brand loyalty and advertise a business to friends, family, and acquaintances at no extra cost.

Ushering The Age of Crypto-commerce: Marketplace

The team at Aussie Digital has with the help of software companies developed what is the next-level online marketplace by the name This next-level online marketplace is probably what will usher in the age of crypto-commerce. Why? Because of the way it is set up.

Earn More With Staking Program
Aussie Digital Staking - Earn Rewards by Holding AUD Coins in Crypto Wallet

Now, you can add more AUD Coins in your wallet by holding them for a specific time. Yes! With our Aussie Digital staking program, our users can get more AUD Coins by stake their coins.