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Aussie Digital - Token Distribution
token distribution
05 Aug 2018

Token Sales

There are two objectives of the token sale:

1. To increase market adoption of the coin.

2. To raise funds to further develop and streamline the use of Aussie Digital.

The sale will be through a written contract. All the funds collected will be channelled to power the platform, further market the coin and diversify its uses so as to increase its value.


Token Distribution


The key to the successful AUDcoins' distribution is to ensure that the majority of the coins are with the members of the public – the section of the population that the coin is built to serve. Therefore, the biggest chunk of the Coin Allocation (60%) will be sold in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) /token sale (crowdsale).


Allocation of Funds


35%    Platform Improvement

30%    Marketing

10%    Team Building

10%    Administration

10%    Reserve

5%      Legal 


Allocation of Coins


5%      Advisors

5%      Bounties

20%    Aussie Digital Team

10%     Reserve

60%    Crowdsale

Note:  Any remaining Coins left over after the Initial Coin Offering will be utilized in our Rewards Program. 

10% Reserve will be kept on hand. This is to allow new merchants to purchase the coin should there be an under supply. To take advantage of the free Tradezy Ecommerce fees the store owner needs to Stake. (Any purchase of the coin in this manner would be strictly at Market Price)   

Buy limits will apply daily to help keep the dispersion fair. "PLEASE REFER TO OUR WEBSITE FOR UPDATES"

"Private contributors, Team members and Advisors will not have access to their AUDcoin until a 12 Month holding period is reached for Team members and 6-12 month period is reached for Private contributors and Advisors"


Coin Allocation

When the 25,000,000,000 coins are all distributed, no further AUDcoin will be supplied. Only those in existence will be traded and used. This prevents oversupply, which often leads to erosion of coin value leaving initial investors/purchasers with losses. The mitigation of this risk through pre-setting the total number of AUDcoins protects initial investors from such losses.


Investing in the Platform AUDcoins

To take up this AUDcoin offering, the investor will purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin through their normal payment channels banks/PayPal and then purchase AUDcoins through our smart contract address (which will be supplied to potential investors). We prefer Ethereum and Bitcoin due to its stability. We also accept Credit Card payments.