Investment Interest is Increasing Globally
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17 Jul 2018

Investment Interest is Increasing Globally


More and more individuals, companies, and organizations around the world are becoming increasingly interested in investing in or using cryptocurrency. The interest has increased so rapidly in the past few months that the total market capitalization of all existing cryptocurrencies nearly approached the nine hundred-billion-dollar barrier early this year. The latest studies show that there are over 6 million active cryptocurrency users around the globe, with the majority in the Western World. The number of cryptocurrency users is expected to hit 200 million users in the next few years. These statistics show increasing importance and acceptance of cryptocurrency as a fiscal unit and as a storage of value and an alternative to the traditional regulated monetary system we have been using.

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Small Business is Already Accepting Payment in Crypto Currency

Even with these relatively impressive statistics, quite a number of people still want to know and are still asking themselves about the functional use of cryptocurrencies. Can you buy things with cryptocurrency? “Yes, you can”. Progressive nations such as the U.A.E have real estate firms that already accept payment in cryptocurrency. There are also a number of numerous online stores that accept payments in cryptocurrency. With each new firm accepting cryptocurrency, the world inches closer to the mainstream use of this alternative payment method.


What About Right Now?

Can I really use cryptocurrencies to trade? As of now, the number of firms accepting alternative currencies such as cryptocurrencies is not large. This is due to volatility in the price of the more prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, which is perfectly logical considering the fact that no one wants to accept money today only for it to lose 5, 10 or 20% of its value within a couple of days. However, newer forms of cryptocurrency such as ours are built to have the relative stability that Bitcoin does not have. This will encourage market adoption of cryptocurrency and in the process increase its value.