Why would a seller accept Digital Currency & what’s the Advantage?
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Why would a seller accept Digital Currency & what’s the Advantage?

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05 Jul 2018

Fiona Pirlo


Well, the answer really is why wouldn't they? It has become so much easier to cash out through exchanges and TRADEZY is a new breed of e-commerce store that makes payments lightening fast and in true international selling and buying, so it's easier to get your brand known across the globe. It’s all part of making the Aussie Digital ecosystem stable and viable.


It would also be naive to say we would accept all digital currencies, so we have carefully evaluated many coins and accept only listed viable and progressive coins. Like many industries, there are definitely sharks out there and it seems like ICO's are the new way to capture good people’s coins and run. So, we are developing an algorithm to stay on top of the coin culture and delist any underperforming or coins out of the TRADEZY platform that is causing our sellers issues in cashing out. It’s all about keeping it fun and easy, so the worrying is our job.

When we look at payment gateways and charges what we know through our case studies is that overall the costs to the seller will be 1/3rd of the price of other comparable platforms. There are no sneaky fees that increase overtime or anything like that. Just good old cost-effective pricing for the longevity of the store.

The TRADEZY Platform

Our sellers enjoy the fact that you can list unlimited products in your store with no extra charge. The store cost with TRADEZY is $20 per month and 1.5% on sales- now that's crazy good. Now you can pay your fees with cash or digital currency and we aren't picky as we know the real value and benefits of the solid digital currencies. It has been said that there are 200,000 digital currency accounts created every day and when we look at who is serving those customers in retail and wholesale, it is a barren landscape.

Okay, that's WHY but what else can you do with it as a seller?

Well as many of you know, there is another platform that plugs in the backend of TRADEZY called TRADEDO. Now, this has been worked on for years in the fine-tuning of the business model.  So, let me enlighten you on how it works in story form.

Say you are a seller of Handmade soaps and you do pretty well on the TRADEZY platform, but you want to increase your revenue. You connect TRADEDO and look for raw materials to import. There are Buyer Groups forming in the raw material you want, and the price is up to 40% of what you usually purchase it for. You join, the Group reserve your stock and when the Group Buy fills from all over the world and you are invoiced the amount. Simple. After receipt of funds for your share of the order, the order is packed and sent to you. You can even buy a house on Bitcoin these days or holiday at a resort accepting cryptocurrency.

So instead of increasing your price you just increase your profit margin or expand your stock line in your store with your new raw materials.

A seller can also stake their AUD Coin and earn interest, but this is another article altogether.