Soft Cap and Public Sale
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What is a Soft cap and Hard Cap in an ICO and really what does that mean to you?

Soft cap and Hard Cap

06 Jul 2018

Fiona Pirlo


What is an ICO Soft Cap

A soft cap, in a nutshell, is the minimum amount the company needs of investment to give the project a good viable chance of being successful. It doesn't mean they are flushed with cash but they can pay for their employees, the development of the concept and have the ability to pay the ongoings whilst the public sale is on.  The public sale is to jet boost the project and give it dominance in the field the project is in. You see the investors come and go and there is a real buzz about the project. Lots of updates as the business is agile and broadcasting is a great way to show your commitment to your project.

So when we look at Aussie Digital you can see clearly what we need to get going and how the funds will be allocated. Some of the things that you need to watch out for is not leaving enough for concept development. Say with us you see that the plan is grand and has multiple ways we can earn money so the income stream is diverse and we are able to launch in stages to support with additional income in the ecosystem.

Our Hybrid Platforms

All our shopping Platforms are Hybrid, so we have both Fiat and Digital currency payment gateways. The TRADEDO platform concentrates on importing stock for small business or even aggregating local orders for the people that prefer to shop locally.

But the best way we can achieve the development of all platforms is reaching the hard cap. So basically that is the ceiling. No more coin sales and we get to dig in and make the magic happen.

Exciting Times Ahead

We are excited about what we are going to do. We have had university professors, industry giants and even the little guys check us out and not once have we had a negative response. It's a grand plan as I said, "what are doing is just combining processes that are already successful, cutting out all the middlemen, making it simple, being fair and profit sharing". So I hate to say the word but “disruption” not only in currency but also importing, stock ordering, supply chain, e-sales and coin culture.

So now it's time to download the whitepaper and take it all in and we hope you too want to be involved in the grand plan we have designed for our future.