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The Investment
12 Jul 2018


The Value


In the current climate of investment, people are always looking for the next niche with the expectation of exponential growth - cryptocurrency is that space where this is happening right now. We are in the midst of Crypto Mania, not unlike the Dot Com bubble of the early 90s. Investors are offered the promises of the next Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and ICO’s with the promise of similar returns. But, what is this based on, what underpins or what value is the ICO tethered to? Blockchain on its own is not where the value is - that is where the hype resides.


We at Aussie Digital are planning for the future and will surround the AUDcoin with a spectrum of services and platforms that enhances the investors' buying power and selling power whilst maximizing profits. Like the coin itself, the ecosystem dismantles and innovates several processes and industries with the underlying principle of adding value to the platform and going with a low risk profile and high profit margins.


Aussie Digital is offering our investment partners an opportunity to participate in a vehicle that allows seed capital redemption after expiration of the qualifying period. This alleviates the hurdle of long-term escrow periods found in traditional IPO’s.



Aussie Digital founders have created and developed a strategy for the long-term by ensuring our platform is built into the technology we can all recognise – Blockchain. Our unique Ecosystem offers a layer of protection not only for your investment but ours as well. We have a plan for our coin that will carve out a prosperous future not only for its investors but also for Small & Family Business. It will save them from falling victim to price and trade wars and provide that extra edge that they so badly need to stay competitive.