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Staking with Aussie Digital Say Goodbye to the Bear Market

23 Nov 2019

Staking with Aussie Digital 


Say Goodbye to the Bear market


We have had this question come up numerous times. What if the market drops while you Stake AUDcoin? The value could be less than what you started with.


Here is an explanation about how Staking works and why it is great in a bear market.


When you Stake your AUDcoin the Stake is placed as a Dollar value. So if you staked 10000 AUDcoin and it was worth .01USD per coin at the time you would be staking $1000 USD. 

At the time of writing this the minimum stake limit was 120 days. At the end of 120 days you would receive back $1400 worth of AUDcoin at whatever the market value is at the time.. It does not matter which way the market went while your stake was on you will always make 10% of the Stake dollar value every 30 days.


This brings us to another interesting point. Not that this is a HYIP but with most you buy Bitcoin to invest with and when you buy you are looking for the lowest possible price you can get so you get more for your dollar. No brainer right!


When you Stake AUDcoin the price at the time you buy is not relevant. Here is why. When buying to stake the price at that time does not matter as you are buying to stake. As long as you stake immediately what ever you buy in dollar value is how much your stake is worth. 


We will use $1000 as an example again. AUDcoin price could be .01USD. It could be 300USD, you are buying $1000USD worth so it does not matter if it takes 10000 AUDcoin or 3 to get your $1000. The stake is $1000 regardless and you earn 10% on that per 30 days.


So next time you see Bitcoin prices falling think about AUDcoin and Staking. The Staking Program designed for a Bear Market.