Participate In Aussie Digital Staking and Its Referral Program to Earn More
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Participate In Aussie Digital Staking and Its Referral Program to Earn More

Aussie Digital Staking

06 Nov 2019

We are thankful once again to everyone who stands behind us and enables us to complete our “Super Drop” and “Airdrop” successfully. We are glad to see that our users are participating in our staking program and make it also successful like our other endeavours. Yes! Our staking program is currently running, and we would like to welcome our users to be part of it and avail its lucrative benefits. Yes! AUD Coin staking is started and available for only those users who participated in our “Super Drop” and “Airdrop” as a token of our appreciation. With our staking program, users can stake their AUD Coins and get 10% interest as a monthly reward. It’s a super simple to start staking on Aussie Digital where users need to login their Members Dashboard and transfer their AUD Coins to their staking wallet. 

But, before you start with our staking process, you need to complete the 2FA verification process through your mobile phone. Maybe you have already done the verification through your email, but it is not valid for staking. To get eligible for staking all users need to activate their 2FA verification only with their mobile.

We have provided the choice of time for our users according to which users can stake their coins for 120days, 150 days or 180 days. Once your staked coins get matured, you can claim for it or also re-stake them again. If you staked more coins, you will get higher rewards. 

A Short Overview on How to Be the Part of Aussie Digital Staking

• Complete 2FA verification only with mobile phone
• Next, raise the ticket on Aussie Digital website to mark your entries for staking
• Once your entries get marked by Admin and approved on the dashboard, you will be eligible to start staking your rewarded AUD Coins
• After this, users are required to share their staking experience on different social media channels for promoting the Aussie Digital staking among other people. 

When you share your staking experience about its rewards, you will earn AUD coins through our referral program. You will get a commission whenever your referred members stake their AUD coins and commission will be directly transferred to your dashboard. 

In case you have any queries about the Aussie Digital staking process, then you can raise the ticket on our official website Our team will get in touch with you.

What is Tradezy?

Aussie Digital has its e-commerce platform “Tradezy”. This e-commerce platform is unique and different from other platforms because it is supported by blockchain technology and the crypto payment system. This platform is mainly designed to eliminate the critical issues of e-commerce platforms like high transaction fees, competition in the global market, etc. With this platform, we are aiming to bring small scale manufacturers and producers in the online world without any spending much fortune. The platform will also have its coin “AUD Coin” that store owners can use to avail of various services on the platform to boost their online business. On the other hand, online shoppers can use AUD Coins for shopping and get huge discount offers to save money.

If you want to get more information about Aussie Digital or Tradezy Platform, then read our white paper.