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Site Launch
Site Launch
23 Mar 2018

Aussie Digital is very excited to announce the launch of our new site!

What we previously had was minimalistic but served its purpose to start some private investment. Now it's time for a site update. The new site design should give everybody a better understanding as to what we are all about.

Where not just making a pretty home page where also updating the members admin dashboard to make it very user friendly. I personally have participated in many ICO startups. Some good some bad…..Some disastrous! The biggest problem I faced when I started investing in ICO’s was having confidence in the system that runs them. Will I lose my money if I make a mistake? With that in mind Aussie Digital admin has been built for the newcomers to cryptocurrency.

Admin has everything you need to participate at your fingertips. If this is your first go at crypto then you can buy with your credit card. You don't need any knowledge about transferring coins or the purchase of another currency to buy AUDcoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the other options for those who already know this space. Every member can create their own wallet in there admin account at a touch of a button.Just click “Create Wallet” and your done. All your purchased coins can then be sent to your wallet. Also at a touch of a button. There's no need to download anything or have any knowledge of code.

Staking of your AUDcoin can also be done from admin. There's no need to download anything. There will also be an APP for staking on your phone which makes it a little more fun and convenient but it's up to the individual how the wish to participate.

We invite you all to sign up and see what you think for yourselves. Keep an eye on our News as there are a lot more announcements to come.