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Aussie Digital - Background Story
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15 Jul 2018



Aussie Digital has been working on a platform for the past 5 years for Small & Family Business to remain or for the first time to become competitive by dismantling and innovating the supply chain between production and shop front. The advent of cryptocurrency has realised the potential of this process.


Our mission is simple - to ensure that each and every business on our platform has a solid plan in place, and capital provided is used for the exact reason it was sourced in the first place. 


We will be funding many online businesses and helping them to succeed in scaling up in a digital, online marketplace. This will redress the imbalance of start-ups that fail even with the added injection of capital despite their demonstrated potential. 


A study of the non-successful businesses revealed the following issues:


- Time constraints.

- Lack of technical expertise.

- High digital start-up costs.

- Poor website platform knowledge.

- Limited access to trusted IT specialists.

- Limited knowledge of multimedia adoption and strategy.

- No site Call-to-Action for sales conversion.

- Limited knowledge of advanced tracking analytics for sales conversion.

- Complexity and cost of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

- Time constraints and costs for Social Media Marketing (SMM).

- No SEO or SMM digital strategy.

- Poor marketing and promotional knowledge.

- Poor branding and site layout.

- Poor customer support.

- Lack of exposure and proof of quality.