Vote Aussie Digital on Coinkeeper Contest and Receive 500 AUD Coins
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Vote Aussie Digital on Coinkeeper Contest and Receive 500 AUD Coins
Vote for Aussie Digital
15 Jan 2020

Aussie Digital has again come up with a new opportunity through which our community members can earn more AUD Coins by simply voting for us. Yes! We are glad to announce that Aussie Digital is partnering with Coinkeeper which is a new age exchange developed to revamp the way people trade cryptocurrency. Coinkeeper is currently running its voting contest on in which Aussie Digital is also listed. We request all the community members to participate in this contest and vote Aussie Digital to make us a winner. The community member who will vote for us on coinkeeper voter contest will receive an extra 500 AUD Coins on their Aussie Digital wallet after completion of the competition.

You need to follow simple steps to vote for us and secure your additional AUD Coins. Let’s have a look at how to participate:-

•    Create your account on the 
•    Visit the 
•    Click on the vote button to vote Aussie Digital
•    Take the Snapshot of your voting screen
•    Go to the Aussie Digital voting system form and add your entries with voted snapshot @

Important Note: - Please use your Aussie Digital user ID to create an account on the otherwise you will fail to receive your free AUD Coins in your wallet.

Aussie Digital is thankful to its all the users who support us in our every endeavour and make us feel proud. Again, we expect the same support from you and request all the members to vote us on coinkeeper contest and earn an additional 500 AUD Coins.

Participate in our Staking Program

Aussie Digital also running its staking program through which users can earn a 10% commission every month on their staked coins. We would also like to inform you that our Aussie Digital presale has also begun so claim your stake right now before it gets too late. Currently, we are offering the 100% bonus sale on purchasing the coin of $50 and more.

We also provide time choices to stake your coins i.e. 120, 150 or 180 days that means it’s all up to you for how long you want to stake your coins to earn a commission. After completion of staking, you can trade your coins or re-stake them again to earn more. AUD Coins can further spend on the Aussie Digital Marketplace. We will soon commence our ICO also through which you will get more bonuses in the future. The best thing is that our AUD Coin has been already accepted on Vindax and soon it will be announcing on others also.

We are again thankful to our users and request to vote for us on coinkeeper to stay ahead in the competition.